Blog Article #2 How Data Become Useful Information?

As I mentioned in my first blog, raw data is useless. What really matters is the analysis we drawn from the data. I cannot imagine that when we are trying to search some course materials online and all results we got are disordered like messy code. So how could these raw data become useful information?


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To convert large volume data into useful information, organizations need to implement an information system in their business systems to achieve this goal.  An Information system is any organized system for the collection, organization, storage and communication of information.

In the first place, information system can help organizations store and analyze data. Many companies no longer use registers and hard-copy formats as the way to manage their data and information. Through the adoption of information system, companies can make use of sophisticated and comprehensive databases that can contain all imaginable piece of data about the company.(Davoren) Information system help businesses store, update and even analyze the data that was gained from day to day transactions. After the system analyze the problem that exist in the current business or may occur in the future, managers can pinpoint solutions to these problems and prevent bad things from happening.


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In the second place, information system can assist managers with making decisions. Information system is a system that connect almost every part of the company, collect information from those parts and then evaluate the information it got.  A company needs adequate strategic plans to achieve long-term success and Information system is where business can draw its strategic plans. As Julia mentioned on the website, “An organization’s management team uses information systems to formulate strategic plans and make decisions for the organization’s longevity and prosperity.”(Davoren)

Lastly, information system can even assist companies with business processes. Julie came up with a very good point in her article that “a company can integrate information systems with the manufacturing cycle to ensure that the output it produces complies with the requirements of the various quality management standards”.(Davoren) Information system can also be used in many other business cycles such as sales and collections cycle. So with information system, organizations can simplify their business processes and add restrictions to some of the processes.

To know more about the role of information system in an organization, here is the link to a academic article that talks about it in details.

In conclusion, information system is the middleman of raw data and useful information. Then if you learn how to translate raw data to knowledge using information system, you will be able to know many information that others don’t. So, it is very useful for high school students to learn about information system.






Davoren, Julie. “The Three Fundamental Roles of Information Systems in Business.” Chron. N.p., n.d. Web. 28 Oct. 2016.


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